Friday, August 1, 2008

More Projects...

Well, I did it! I finally finished Becca's bookshelf and dresser. They both have a new coat of paint and everything is back in it's place. I thought I would show you the finished product.

Here is the bookshelf with a coat of black paint (I forgot the before picture, so you can just imagine a wooden unfinshed shelf).

I didn't like the fact that this shelf did not have a back on it, but hey I bought it at Canton for under $20. You can't beat that! I knew I could figure something out and now that I found scrapbooking paper the choice was simple. I bought some foam board, covered it in cute paper and nailed it to the back.

Unfortunately it has to hold toys and books so it covers much of the paper, but I still like it. Here it is in the room:

Lastly I repainted her dresser. It was given to me by a friend and is not in the best shape, but I love the detail work(which you can't see in the picture)and decided to make it work. It was chocolate brown and I painted it black. I like the added punch the black adds, and it goes great with the shelf. Here is a picture of that side of the room.

I found those cute buckets at Hobby Lobby for six dollars each and the small ones on the shelf were $3.50. Just incase you missed my last post about her room and want to see what the rest looks like you can see here.

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Melissa said...

I love that diamond wall! I also love what you did with the plain,black shelf. Soooo cute!!!!