Friday, August 1, 2008

Lazy Summer Day

Yesterday was a fantastic lazy summer day! It seems like we haven't had enough of those. We spent the morning at home and it was such a treat to watch all 3 of my kiddos play together. It was one of those days that I wish I had more of...very little sibling rivalry/arguing and lots of laughter.

Aidan and Rebecca worked together to attempt to make PB&J for Aidan for lunch. We have not done a whole lot of independent meal preparation and I thought their eagerness to help was cute so I gave in and I had to grab the camera.

Then we went to the pool for the late afternoon and enjoyed the sun and water. Finally we finished the night out by grilling burgers. I usually make hot dogs for the kids when we cook out, but this time I decided they needed to eat what we were having. I was presently surprised to hear "This is good!" Look closely and you might even see a smile.

And this is the first time I gave Andrew ketchup to go with his fries. He loved it and loved making quite a mess as you can see. How can I not take a picture of that?

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