Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Chore Chart

We started a chore system last week. I can easily feel overwhelmed with the daily tasks so I decided now is a good time to really start training the kids in regards to helping around the house. Aidan has 5 chores and Rebecca has 3( I wasn't planning on giving Rebecca any yet, but she was so eager to show me how she too could make her bed that I decided to include her). They are pretty simple things, but it is a start and I have explained that they will change as they master the current tasks. And another big part of it is completing the task without complaining or whining about it which can be a big problem at our house. Here is a picture of our blank chore chart.

Everything is Velcro so that it can easily be changed. I have pictures that prompt the written chore so that they can easily see and know what they are supposed to do. Aidan's chores include making his bed, getting dressed, brushing teeth, cleaning his room at the end of the day, and unloading the silverware part of the dishwasher (minus any sharp knives). Rebecca has to make her bed, brush her teeth, and clean up at the end of the day. Aidan can do many of these things, he just tends to whine while doing them, so that is what we are trying to master. Also, with school starting soon, I am hoping this will help him to get dressed and ready with a good attitude.

And this what the chart looked like after the completion of week one. I left a row on the bottom that I can use to reward the kids for being helpful around the house by doing things they are not required to do. We have small velcro stickers that they can put on the chart when they are finished with the chore. I have had to get used to looking at beds that are not perfectly made, but they do look like an effort was made and I did not have to do it!

We decided to give the kids a nickel for every sticker they receive. I am praying that we will be able to begin teaching the kids about saving, tithing, and spending through this. We will see how this works, but for week one I have had beds made before they even leave there room and very little complaining about cleaning, dressing, and brushing teeth. We will see if it lasts.


AnnaJ said...

YAY!!! So good to 'see' you!!!!

I am seriously ALL about "Thirty!!" :O)

I am so glad you're encouraged by my blog, that makes me happy :O) I can't wait to read yours and keep in touch through it.. thank you, Lord for technology!!

Have a great day!

Meaghan said...

i just staryted a chore chart last week!!! so good to see your ideas!