Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yet another plug for Perspectives

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time you will remember the video that I put on here earlier this year about Perspectives and if you haven't followed it you can see it here.

My husband is supposed to be helping with promotions this year for the local Perspectives class. He sent out an email and I decided I would try to help spread the word a little further by promoting the class here. And since I am taking the class and would LOVE to have you join me so I feel completely justified in promoting it. Here is another video for you to watch...

Perspectives Promo

And this is what Trace had to say about Perspectives:
I enrolled in this class because I knew I could get graduate credit. I had no interest in global missions, (and consequently no true desire for what God desires). When I was asked why I was taking the class my sarcastic reply was “For credit, although I am not opposed to missions”. This class will call you to obedience, repentance, and also a joy for His name that you may have never known or have forgotten. I found that the desire to have His name known and worshiped among all people (because He is worth nothing less) was so lacking in my life, that apart from God using this intensive class to speak to me I would have survived on a few sermon series and a few books and never had any idea that I was so far from being connected to His heart. He spoke to every area of my life and obedience to Him over this 15 week class. This course is for all believers. It gives purpose and direction to all areas of the Christian life: Prayer, Evangelism, Faith, and the power of the Gospel.

I hope I have peaked your interest a bit! I have yet to take the class, but everyone that I know who has had it has described it as life changing! I know 15 weeks is a lot of time to give up but don't you think it is worth it if it has the potential to transform you and your relationship with the Lord? Any takers?

Even if you can't commit this year you are welcome to join us for the first two sessions...they are free and they may just make you find a way to rearrange your plans for the next 13 weeks or even to take the class next year. Visit and for more info or to register. The class starts on August 25th and is being held at Bethel Bible Church this year.

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