Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Ever-Evolving Living Room

We bought this house nearly 4 years ago. When we bought it the living room had this wall of windows with these wooden shutters. I like all the windows because they give some extra light and I even liked the shutters, but I thought they made the room look stiff and hard, not warm and inviting. I knew they needed something but curtains are so expensive and I can't sew! We lived with them like this for over a year.

Then I painted my entry way to look like this...

I LOVE the way it looks! It is one of my favorite spots in the house. Once I did this I knew I would eventually paint the living room and I would probably use one of these tan colors to do it. Shortly after that I found these panels at Target for $15 each that I thought would look good whenever I finally painted the room. I bought 4 and hung them up. I didn't love it but it was an improvement and I didn't know what else to do so they stayed. (BTW- I forgot to take a picture before I already had taken down 2 panels so this is the best I could do).

Since that time I have met the Nester (OK, I haven't really met her but I stalk her). She has inspired me to do more. I finally painted the room that tan color. Then I went to the 50% off sale at Hancock and I found brown fabric for $6.00 a yard. This is what I did with it.

Now if you are wondering how I did this without sewing you need to spend some more time over at the Nester's blog. I followed her mistreatment tips and hot glued it on. Then I went back with some fun trim and covered up the mess. These are BY NO MEANS perfect! I eyeballed the lines across and some of them are just not straight, but I am OK with that and I think it is a HUGE improvement. I hung the curtains high like the Nester suggests and I let them puddle on the floor.

It has been a nearly 4 year process (in my defense I have had my 2nd and 3rd babies during that time), but I think the ever evolving process has been worth it. I have a few more ideas for this room, but they are much smaller projects. I am finding myself very excited about the fact that this room is finally beginning to look like I want it to.


The Nester said...

Girl, good for you--they were so worth the wait and oh, that entry way! I wish I were patient and talented enough to paint like that!

sondra german said...

i love the entry AND the living room! i am so not good at that stuff! :/ good for you!

Melissa said...

I LOVE the entry way! It's beautiful and those who visit your house will be VERY impresssed that you did it yourself. Great job!

Ame... said...

Wow Christa! Those look amazing! Great Job! I love the paint color on your walls:)

Ame... said...

Hello Again! I just thought I would let you know I gave you an award, b/c you are so very talented in so many ways! Check out my blog for the details:)

Fun With Five said...

Hi Christa-you may not remember me, but I am on the Bryans advocacy team...(we're the prayer coord.) but anyway, I have to congratulate you on your "mis-treatments"! WOW! I LOVE the nester and her style. I haven't yet gotten the nerve to try anything out myself, but I will one day soon!
Great job!