Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watch Out, It's A ...

Did you know that it is possible for a fire hydrant to be completely knocked to the ground and for no water to come out? Look, I even have proof.

How would I know that you ask? Well, it is embarrassing but true...I am the one who knocked it over. It was actually on my to my grandmothers funeral. It was 7:45 at night on Wednesday. I was in Forney on my way to Dallas and my gas light came on. I exited and went to Walmart to fill up. I really have no excuse but it was raining and I just did not see it. Traci was with me and she gasped or maybe she yelled my name right before I hit it. I also had all three of the kids who were all OK, but a little frightened for the moment. We had to tow the van and call my mom to come get us. Because of the ridiculous # of people traveling with me my aunt and uncle had to come also. Luckily they had a strip of restaurants in the parking lot so we walked down to chick-fil-A to wait. It was the perfect start to the already stressful few days. Here is a picture of the car.

The next day my brother blew a tire on the interstate and had to go buy new tires and when we were all getting ready to go to visitation my sister-in-law discovered she forgot her clothes. We left for visitation and they headed to buy something for her to wear. Things just couldn't be simple could they? Oh well, we all survived and have lived to tell about it. The service was just a graveside service, but it was nice and at the visitation time they had a photo slide show of my grandmother that they played several times. It was a really nice and special touch. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.

BTW - yesterday was the first time I have had to get gas since the wreck and Rebecca kept telling me to be really careful and not to hit a fire hydrant again. So now I get safety tips form my 3 year old.

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