Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, I mentioned that Trace and I were at a conference this past weekend on our much needed night away from the kids. The conference was to train people to coordinate a Perspectives on World Missions class. Ever heard of it? Well, I had not until the last year or two and if it had not been for my husband taking it I would have never thought twice about it. However, my husband has described it as one of the most life changing classes he has ever had and can ever imagine having. I know that God spoke to him and changed his heart during this class, however at the training seminar I found that this experience had been true for many, many people! People were blown away by this class. I still have not taken it, they only offer it once a year here and to my knowledge that will be this fall. I am signing up to take it although I am a little afraid of the class. The reason that I am afraid is that I have gotten to hear many stories of how the Lord has used this class and its teaching to stretch, grow, and change the students in it. It is always a beautiful thing when the Lord is active in my heart, but from time to time it can feel a bit uncomfortable as I get pushed a little deeper in my relationship with Him. It always produces greater joy on the other side, but the process of getting there, the process of not knowing where I will end up, where we are heading can make me nervous.

I really wanted to give you this clip that explains the class better than I can.

It is a college level course and there is a decent amount of reading. I have heard over and over that you will miss sooo much if you do not do your readings, but I have also heard everyone say it is so worth it because the time you invest in this class will truly change you forever. The class looks at the heart of God. His heart for the nations since the beginning of time until now. I was able to attend 2 of the classes with Trace and I promise you that the information I heard presented was not stuff I have heard anywhere else. It is not taught in Sunday School or from the pulpits, but it will deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, I must be honest...this post has a bit of a selfish motive. I would love to have some of my friends join me on this adventure to see how God decides to move in our hearts together. Will you consider taking this class with me? And for those of you who think they are off the hook because you don't live here, well it is offered all over the country and even in some locations around the world. Go to to see if you can take it in your own city. Please prayerfully consider it.


the bryans said...

So excited to read this post!!! We took this life changing class almost 2 years ago, and the name of the course is so appropriate: Perspectives. The class will change your perspective on life - take it!

Shannon said...

Are you guys going to organize a course for Tyler? I couldn't believe when I read this post tonight because my husband had just asked me if I'd be interested in taking this class and was wondering when they would do another one here ...