Monday, April 21, 2008

Mexico Monday

Aidan and I went to the Dollar Store this weekend and loaded up on some prizes to take with us to Mexico to give to the kids when we do a carnival for them (if you want to read more about the carnival, Shannon posted about it on her version of Mexico Monday). It was so much fun and the Lord is preparing our hearts and the excitement level is greatly increasing the closer we get to June...only more 6 weeks to go!!! He also gave us a special little gift in the form of a Chick-fil-A kids meal prize. It is a CD designed to teach some beginning Spanish. I don't know that the kids or myself are retaining any of it but it sure is fun to drive around town and repeat back the Spanish words together with the kids. It is also helping us to eagerly anticipate the trip and I know we will see God at work during the trip.

This week will you please pray once again for the hearts of the kids at the orphanage. Please pray that God uses the message to speak directly to their hearts, to touch them exactly how they need to be touched so that they experience the love of Jesus Christ. Also, please pray for the medical group this week. They have the greatest opportunity for evangelism (from what I have been told). Pray that the Lord will bring just the right people to them for help, that they will be enabled by the Holy Spirit so that they will not only help meet the immediate medical needs but also the spiritual needs. Pray that all of us who make the trip will be radiant with the love of Jesus Christ and that we can share His love with those He brings in contact with us.

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