Monday, April 14, 2008

Mexico Monday

Please pray for the man who is finalizing his thoughts on the curriculum and discussion questions in the next few weeks. Pray for the small groups (my age is 3-6 or 7). Pray for our creativity as we look for activities that add to the discussion and that our young children will be able to complete.

On a more personal note, please pray for Trace and I. Pray that as we encounter some stress that comes on any vacation, but especially one that involves being in another country without any private family space, that we will still engage with each other with love. That we will be able to guard our tongues and that we will not take any of the stress or pressure out on each other but that rather we will be servant minded in all we do. That we will support and encourage one another in whatever struggles we may encounter. That we will be united by this experience and our marriage will be blessed. Thanks for praying!

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