Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elevated Emotions

I ran into some new friends today. Well, maybe that isn't quite true...they aren't really friends, more accurately you would describe them as strangers. And I guess I should also clarify that ran into is not really a figure of speech this time. I literally ran into them, like with my car. I don't think I made such a great first impression. What do you think?

I really would not be making light of this except for the fact that everyone is OK, however emotions did get pretty elevated. Trace and I have this thing about people when they have accidents. You see people waving their arms and talking intensely and we have always commented that they look, well, ridiculous is the right word I think. That is exactly what happened today, but the funny part is that the people who were waving their arms and yelling were not the ones involved in the accident. One was a friend of the man I hit whom was leading the way to the destination they were headed to. He took the side of his friend and was pretty sure it was my fault. The other person was a young man who witnessed the whole thing and believed the man to be at fault and not me. These two men got pretty heated and despite my attempts to encourage them to let the police decide what happened they exchanged choice words and there was even a physical threat. I think the first thing the policeman said upon his arrival was I hope that I do not have to break up a fight between two witnesses. Needless to say, it was an interesting experience.

The policeman got an earful from the man I hit, then talked to the witness (who was taking my side), and then was forced to listen to every word the other man had to say. Finally he made his way over to me, gathered some info and told me I was free to go since my car was drivable (the other man was not so fortunate). He gave me a case number for the police report and I asked if there was anything I should be concerned about that would be on the case report? He responded with No, but this man is not going to like what I am about to tell him and again told me I was free to go. I thanked the witness who had stayed and was the only one who stood up for me. I apologized for the inconvenience and drove away, all three kids in tote and many questions to answer for my curious five year old. It made for quite an eventful day.

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Hannah E. said...

Oh no!!! Not a fun day! I'm so sorry. But thankful with you that no one was hurt.