Monday, April 7, 2008

Princess Party

Rebecca's party was a success and so much fun to plan. My little girl is obsessed with Cinderella. She asks to watch the movie everyday, so what else could we do but a princess party. We invited a few fellow princesses (and their big brothers for Aidan) and we played dress up, made edible jewelry, decorated tiaras, and danced. I am including a few pictures I took (but I am terribly disappointed that I did not take very many so please share them if you took any). Enjoy!

Princess Rebecca

The Royal Ball

Cinderella and her castle cake

Cousin Lauren playing in the cardboard castle.

I made this castle for the kids to play in at the party.


Hannah E. said...

Love the cake, love the castle, love it all! Ok, when did you have time to make all of this stuff? I'd have to hide away for weeks to get that much done. And you haven't been hidden away. I've seen you lately! I'm amazed.

Christa said...

I had several late nights preparing for the party and one or two high stress evenings. It was so much fun though! It was probably just as much for the princess in me as it was for Rebecca.