Friday, April 4, 2008

Date with Dad

We are having a small princess style birthday bash for Rebecca tomorrow and I had plenty of things to do to get ready around the house so Trace decided to take Aidan and Rebecca out for dinner and a movie. It was so cute to see them eagerly run out the door with their daddy, they almost forgot to tell me goodbye. I was a bit envious of all the fun, while I was at home cleaning but I know that Trace treasures these special times with the kids and they need the time with daddy. I can't wait to hear all about what Horton Hears when they get home.
As for now I am off to attempt to decorate Becca's birthday castle cake. I will post a picture later, just so you can get a good laugh. I am expecting nothing short of a disaster. This is my first attempt at being the crafty mom who makes the cake for the party. I have always either overpaid for a bakery cake or convinced my dear friend Mary Lynne to do a joint party so she can do the cake and I can handle something that makes less party favors. Ya, I can handle stuffing a bag full of cheap goodies. I think this time I may be in over my head. Wish me luck.

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Hannah E. said...

Sounds fun. I SO want to see pictures of this party!