Monday, April 7, 2008


Today is our seven year anniversary. It is absolutely crazy to me that it has been seven years. I would have never guessed that this would be my life seven years ago. God has blessed me abundantly and my relationship with my husband today is so much better than it was on our wedding day. I know Trace so much better and I love him so much more deeply. He was my best friend when we got married and that is still true today. He knows me better than any other person knows me. He has seen me cry because I was sad, watched and heard me yell, and been there when I laughed until I cried. He knows what excites me and what grieves me. He understands and forgives me when I am irrational or emotional. He was there when we had our babies and we were overwhelmed with joy and he was there when we lost our first baby and were overcome with grief. We have walked some highs and lows together. The best part of that is that we have done it all together! I love sharing my life with you, Trace. You are a wonderful Godly man.
I want to record a few memories that I treasure.
I treasure our Sunday night TV nights with a home cooked meal and fresh baked cookies from the first year we were together.
I treasure our cluelessness as first time parents and all the books we read trying to figure it out together.
I treasure our trip to the kooky bed and breakfast for our 5th anniversary. I love that we talked so much, played a lot, laughed plenty, and prayed together.
I treasure our long trips in the car to Clovis, where we have time to plan and prioritize for our family and share our hearts. Those long drives are precious to me.
I treasure the endless number of games played together as a family.
I treasure our Sunday morning prayers and our family nights on Wednesday.
I treasure the way that God has connected our hearts and that He continues to guide and grow us.
Thank you for who you are, for making me laugh, and for sharing your life with me. I love you more every year!

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