Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Princess!!!

Sweet Rebecca, I CANNOT believe that you,little one, are three years old! I remember a time when I wasn't even sure I wanted a little girl. Thankfully the Lord knew better than me. It blows me away that you are 3, that you are turning more and more into a little girl. It also seems unreal that it has only been 3 years. I can barely remember life without you in it. It feels like it was an eternity ago. You have brightened my life in more ways than you know. You are a precious jewel in this family. I smile more because you are around. I laugh more because of you and my joy has greatly increased with you in my life. You truly are a gift from God. The Lord has used you to make me stop and take a look at myself. God has used you to teach me how to pray differently and more frequently. God has used you to change me, but mostly God's gift of you has made my life more abundant.

You have multiplied the joy, laughter, and fun in this home. I love that you laugh all too often, at things that aren't even very funny. Your smile makes me smile and your moments of innocence just melt my heart (key word in that sentence is moments). There is just something so special about a girl who exclaims "that is beautiful" when she sees a new dress and squeals at the sight of a new beaded necklace. I love that you want to wear a dress everyday, that you can't wait to put it on just to spin in it. You now talk nonstop and will repeat it over and over again until you know you are heard. I love the sound of your voice and your laugh. I love that you sing all the time and that you always want me to "turn it up" when the music gets turned down low in the car. It is fun just to be with you, to just be around you and enjoy you. You are a precious little girl! I treasure having you in my life. Happy 3rd Birthday!

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