Friday, July 25, 2008

More Swimming

Warning...More shameless bragging is about to proceed.

AIDAN CAN SWIM! I told you last week we had one more week of swim lessons. Yesterday was his last day and after the lessons were finished he was feeling pretty brave and confident. He jumped off the side to me at about 6 feet and then turned and swam to the side. Next we headed to the deep end and he did the same thing. Finally he climbed up on the diving board and jumped! I was in the water just in case, but he really did it all on his own and then he swam all the way to the side. He did this at least five times. I would have to say that is swimming by my standards! I am so proud of my sweet boy. Swimming and going to really are growing up and it is almost more than this mommy can take. I love you more and more everyday! I am so very proud of you Aidan!

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