Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recent Craftiness

I recently found myself on the scrap booking isle at Hobby Lobby and considering that I don't scrapbook I began racking my brain with what I could do with all the fun papers that they make. That is when I remembered that I have had a wooden letter R at home that I bought before Rebecca even turned one (mind you she is THREE now). I decided that I should cover the R with this cute paper. All I did was cut the paper to fit, glue it down with modge podge, and then cover the paper with another coat of modge podge. See how cute it turned out.

The next thing I had to do was figure out where to hang it. I had painted the shape of a headboard on Becca's wall over a year ago and I never finished it because I wasn't fully pleased with the way it looked so I finished up the detail work and hung that cute pink R right there.

I had found so many cute scrap booking papers that I knew I would be doing more to add some fun colors into her room. I ran across a picture of a bed with stars hanging above it and this idea was created. These are literally made out of cardboard boxes I had laying around the house and they are modge podged just like the letter above. I love these stars above her bed because they remind of how Becca used to always look up at the sky when it was night and with total awe she would say look mommy, God made me more stars!
Now I just need some cute throw pillows made of fabric that will tie everything together.
I also made Becca a bow holder to hang in her room. I had bought a block of wood that (just like her letter) I intended to paint over a year ago and make a bow holder. Well, that never happened but I did recently complete the project. And yes, you guessed it, I used more paper and modge podge.

And finally, I modge podged this H and have it on our fire place. It is actually my favorite thing I did. I just love that paper.

Well, that pretty much explains what has kept me busy (other than the 3 kids who live in my house and call me mommy) for the past week or two. I have many more projects that I want to finish in the next several weeks including painting Becca's bookshelf that has never been painted, painting her hand me down dresser, and then the living room and the hall. I tend to operate like this...I will do nothing for quite a while and then I get inspired and I get way to busy for a bit. I have sure enjoyed these little projects and the opportunity to get a little creative.


Hannah E. said...

I LOVE all these little things you did!!! I'm totally copying you on that letter H...I've wanted an "E" on my bookcase but I haven't found any I like. But I bet I sure could find some scrapbook paper I like! And Jonah doesn't have a headboard, I just might have to paint one on the wall like you did. I'm serious, I'm stealing ideas.

I am the exact same way...I haven't done anything in my house for months and months and now this summer, I'm on a big house-projects kick. I go through cycles. I'm moving pretty slow though. I need people like you to keep inspiring me! My problem is that I'm a great starter, not so great a finisher.

Ame... said...

Wow!!! I am super impressed! I love it all and will probably be stealing your ideas in the near future too!

Kate said...

I'm so impressed. Very cute!

Melissa said...

Okay, I love, love, LOVE the H! How did you do that? What is all this modge podge talk anyways? :P