Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have to brag for a minute. My little Aidan can swim. He isn't swimming all over the pool with no help at all but he has fully mastered the ability to swim to me...a good ten feet from the steps. This is huge for Aidan. He has always been a little fearful and just did not believe that he could do it, but this week he started swimming lessons and by day three he was swimming to his teacher on his own. I literally had tears in my eyes as I watched him. I was so proud of him and how brave he was. I loved watching the excitement as he ran to me to make sure I saw. Oh ya, I saw and I am just as proud as you are little man! We have one more week of lessons and I am eager to see how it goes. The kids are thoroughly enjoying it and I am so impressed with the teachers they have had this time.

Rebecca is in Aidan's class also and she is so funny to watch. When they are about to try a new thing she jumps up and makes sure the teacher knows she wants to go first. When she waits in line to jump off the side she keeps her hand on the back of the person in front of her and she ever so subtly gives a little push when they jump and she hurries back to the end of the line, usually beating the person that was in front of her. It has been so much fun to watch them at their lessons this year.

See Rebecca's hand on this poor girls back

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