Saturday, May 3, 2008


Ahhh...Silence. This is not a noise I hear very often in my house. Aidan has not taken a nap for a while and I used to have him play in his room for rest time while Andrew slept but then Andrew reached the age where there was no way he was going to go to sleep when there was someone to play with in his room. So, Aidan had to come out and life has been different ever since. We still have 30 minutes of quiet time when Aidan can look at books and then he has independent play time, but it is not the same as quiet. At the moment, Trace is working on something outside and Aidan is outside with him. Rebecca and Andrew are both napping so I sit here inside my house and I hear silence.

God has been challenging me lately a lot with silence. He has been urging me to spend more time with Him in prayer, or just sitting still. I have been pondering how to fit this into my life. How do I make quiet a lifestyle. I have begun to realize that reading my bible is necessary and it must be incorporated but I am being pushed to find more time and to create more habits. Habits that will draw me to the Lord and give rest to my soul. I have thought a lot about how much I push God out of my life with noise and busyness. I can always fold a load of laundry, clean the house, check my email, or make a phone call. There is never a time that I really should be doing nothing, but I need the rest. My soul is longing for more connection. More time to reflect on what I am reading in the word. More time to pray for my kids, more time to pray over my marriage, more time to pray about my heart and the lack of alignment I have with God's heart. I just need more time with my Savior. He is calling me away with Him. I think I might ignore the pile of laundry on the chair for a few minutes longer and just be silent, to be still and know that He is Lord. I think for the next few minutes I will set aside the distractions that come in many forms and just be with God.

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