Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Andy-Drew

I absolutely cannot believe that one year ago, I met my sweet little Andrew for the first time. You are such a sweet and spunky little boy. You have really developed quite the personality in the past few months. You can now say mama, dada, bye bye, uh oh, and ball (which sounds more like bah). You have 7 teeth all the way in and another that has just recently broken through. All these teeth have created the cutest little toothy grin. You eat ALL the time! You love strawberries, bananas, kiwi, grapes, and peaches. You also enjoy eating bread and have just recently decided that you really enjoy grape juice (which by the way I did not give to the others when they were one, but since you have a habit of looking for Rebecca's cup and drinking whatever she has I decided it was a lost cause to fight that one). You have this sweet little game that you play with new people when you get around them. You will duck your head into my shoulder or attempt to hide it in your car seat while you smile the cutest little smile and stare at them. People always respond favorably to that game and I will never complain about it(even though you are not the least bit shy) because I get some sweet snuggles. You have played this game for months now.

You do not like to be held down, you have important places to go...right behind your big brother and sister. Getting your diaper changed and getting dressed are two of your least favorite activities and man, can you let me know it! You do enjoy playing with a bouncy ball in the kitchen. You will chase the ball and throw it over, and over, and over again. You play very rough (I guess that comes from having two older siblings who are often way to rough with you) and often pinch my face so hard that it elicits a small scream. You throw everything you get your hands on. I am a little afraid of that habit that you are developing.

You are such a smiley little guy! You smile and giggle all the time. Your brother and sister love to entertain you and they will repeat any behavior that gets a laugh from you. I have began calling you my party animal because you seem to get a burst of energy right before bedtime. You can often be found in your crib standing up and talking loudly in your bed rather than quietly going to sleep. I keep hoping this is just a stage, but it has yet to pass. I have truly treasured this past year with you. It took me having two kids to realize how fast you change and just to enjoy the place where you are at the moment. I am eager to get to know you even better in the years to come, but I am in no hurry. I love the baby that you are! You have added even more joy and many more smiles to our home. Your smile is just contagious. I love you my sweet Andrew. You have stolen my heart just like your big brother and sister who have gone before you.

We had a family cookout to celebrate your birthday earlier tonight. Here are some pictures.

Beautiful Aunt Traci and Andrew

Baseballs, Basketballs, and Soccer Balls in honor of Andrews love of anything round.

His expression during the Birthday Song...and he pretends to be shy?
Eating His cupcake like a hamburger
The Boys
Mimi, Aunt Traci, Aidan, and Uncle Greg
He is not afraid of a mess. I had to strip and bath the boy before we could open presents.

Happy Birthday My Love!

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