Monday, May 19, 2008

Mexico Monday!!!

I am beyond excited! This weekend we set up our field goal which will be the activity at our booth for the carnival in Mexico. We kicked and kicked and had a great time playing. I know the kids are going to enjoy it. Here are some pictures of our fun.

I also met with one of the ladies who will be leading the 3-7 year olds with me in Mexico. We came up with some activities and simple crafts for our group to do that we pray will help reinforce the message we are teaching. In the midst of the planning for our group it really hit me that these kids don't speak English!!! I was thinking about building relationships with the kids and I realized that I very likely will not be able to have those sweet one on one conversations with these kids. I will have to rely heavily on non verbal communication, physical touch, and the translators...but really I will have to rely on the Lord. I am praying this week that we will all fully rely on the Lord to bridge the cultural/language barrier. That He will cross that barrier and touch hearts (I do not doubt that this will happen!), whether they are children's hearts, American hearts, or the translators hearts...and when He does this, I pray that we will worship the only living God! I pray that we are amazed by Him and His sovereignty.

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