Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pajama Day

The School year keeps us on the go, so I decided that perfect way to celebrate the end of the year and finishing up many commitments was to have a pajama day. I romanticized the idea of doing NOTHING, lounging in my pajamas, and cuddling with my kids while watching movies and just hanging out. Sounds great right??
Well, let me just tell you how that went. It started with a trip to the movie store on Tuesday night. I told Aidan and Rebecca they could both get one movie. This is always a very difficult decision for Aidan so we are standing in the kids section debating on which movie Aidan should get and Rebecca says "mommy, I have to go potty". Right that moment she peed on the carpet and cried. I dramatically grabbed her arm and rushed to bathroom, hoping to finish the business in the potty, but I was just to late. She had already gone in the middle of the store. At this point I am humiliated. All I can do is think about how to discreetly carry her panties wrapped in paper towels to the front, pay for the movies, and get out of the store. I swear...sometimes it is hard to be prideful and be a mom.
Then we got home, bathed, and went to bed. The kids woke up at 6:15 (what kind of lazy pajama day starts like this)! I got them all in bed with me a tried to get a few more minutes of sleep to no avail with 3 kids crawling around the bed and laughing. We got up ate breakfast and then I told the kids I needed a little time to get a few emails sent before starting the movie ( I mean it wasn't even 8:00 yet). They were much to excited about the movies to leave me alone to complete my tasks and I cannot even guess how many times they asked to start the movies. Finally we snuggled up together and started the movie. About halfway through the first movie my vision got blurry and my head started to hurt...the first signs I am getting a migraine, GREAT!!! I took some medicine, got the baby down for a nap and I slept through the second movie in entirety. It was not the wonderful relaxing day I dreamed of...but I guess it was a pajama day?


Kate said...

I laughed out loud when I read about Rebecca peeing in the movie store! You can't help but have embarassing moments like that when you have preschoolers!

Who's the Mommy said...

hey crista! you have three kids! aidan is so big! xoxo meaghan easterhaus