Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Little Visitor

We had quite a rain at our house tonight. After dinner I took Andrew outside to feel the rain for a second. He seemed to like it and then we headed in for baths, some family time, and bedtime. We were a little late getting the kids in bed, but when we did I headed in here to the computer to get a few things done. Just seconds after sitting down, Trace started calling me to come to the kitchen. When I made my way in there he pointed to this

Yes, that is a frog plastered on our glass door. My reaction was to say how disgusting it was, but that quickly changed to fascination. I ran to the other room to grab my camera. I had to open the door and take pictures of the frog from both sides (just praying it didn't jump into our house).

And then it hit me...if I think the frog is this cool then the kids would love it. I told Trace I was going to get the kids. Being the responsible parent he reminded me that Aidan had school in the morning. To which I responded "so, he's not asleep anyways" (just to prove how responsible I can be). Within minutes all the kids were up and at the door to meet our little visitor. Andrew laughed out loud when he saw the frog and began banging on the glass where the frog was over and over. He loved it. Aidan and Rebecca thought it was pretty cool too. After about 10 minutes of frog fun I walked the kids back to bed and proudly declared, "see, what a fun memory we now have" (again, more responsible parenting). They got tucked tightly in bed and by the time I got back to the door, our friend was long gone. I am not sure how much that little guy appreciated all the lights flicking on and off, doors opening, and hands banging. Oh, well...we enjoyed it while it lasted.

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Hannah E. said...

I love those last two pictures - you can tell Andrew is all about getting in on the action with his older siblings...trying to be so big! It's very cute.