Monday, May 5, 2008

Mexico Monday Returns!

It is the return of the long overdue Mexico Monday. I have actually received multiple emails this morning from the team. Evidently, we wrongly assumed that we would be able to locate a Spanish version (or at least English with Spanish subtitles) of Lord of the Rings and all of our curriculum is based off of video clips for that movie. We have located the Chronicles of Narnia so we plan to change things up and go that direction. Please pray that this will prove to be a great blessing and that the video clips will speak clearly to the hearts of the children in the Orphanage. Pray that Kelly will be able to find great clips that teach the messages that we are hoping to communicate and that the kids will "get it". I know that the Lord is Sovereign and it was His plan that we use this movie all along...He just had to get us on the same page.

Also, we will be showing video clips every day which means we will rely on audio visual equipment to do this. This is a wonderful tool, but it also allows the enemy greater opportunities to attempt to thwart our plans. Please pray that technical difficulties will not interfere with our ability to teach and that we will be able to show the movie clips. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

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Kate said...

I love praying for you about this trip. I can't wait to see what God is going to do!!