Monday, May 26, 2008


Yesterday my husband told me about a conversation that he had with our 5 year old. It was about the Compassion child that we sponsor. We began sponsoring back in January and it has been a joy for our family. We let Aidan choose who we would sponsor. He picked a 5 year old boy who lives in India named Vikranth. He has this obsession with India and we are not quite sure where it came from, but for some strange reason this location comes up quite often in our home. For several months Aidan has been talking about going to India and the other day he told my husband he wanted to go to India to meet Vikranth. He then asked if Vikranth would speak English. My husband told him he did not know, but maybe if he goes to school they will teach him English. Aidan simply said he has to go to school because I pray that he has a school to go to. Oh, to have the faith of a child! He truly believes that since he prays, God will answer. He believes in the power of prayer and a Lord who has the power to answer those prayers. I think I have a few things to learn from my five year old.

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