Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Smell of Clean (at least in the living room)

I am not much of a housekeeper (my poor husband can attest to that although he never complains about it), but every once in a while the desire to clean hits me and I just go. I have to rearrange the day and plans because who knows when one of those days will come again. Today was one of those days. Out of nowhere I had an impulse to vacuum and shampoo the carpet. This impulse motivated me to hang up the curtain rod I bought approximately 7 months ago and to dust everything in sight from the ceiling fan to behind the entertainment center. I love the smell of pledge after I dust and the floors, well they may not be perfect but man do they look better. I am hoping to spend as much time as possible in the living room tomorrow ignoring the dishes in the sink, the clean pile of laundry in my bedroom, and the load of clothes in the washer ( all of which I simply could not get to today). It is back to life as we know...but with at least one clean room in the house.

***By the way, I think my husband would be embarrassed if I allowed you to believe that we are dirty people (I may lean to the dirty side, but he does not) and he does pride himself in having one of the least sticky kitchens around. So I guess you could say we have 2 clean rooms in the house, but when I look at the piles of mail and the clutter I just don't see clean.

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