Friday, February 22, 2008


I love to sleep! LOVE IT! I so look forward to those days that I can curl up for a nap, however rare that may be. It is a special treat for me. So you might understand why I find my husband and Aidan so foreign in this area. They both seem to think it is a sign of weakness to sleep during the day. I can ask Aidan if he wants to take a nap when his head is bobbing up and down in the car while he nods off and He will bark at me, "No, I am not tired". Yesterday, he was having a hard day so I told him to get in bed and rest. That he could have a few toys, but I wanted him in bed. I just knew that he would end up playing but I was ok with that, maybe it would help. I walked in to check on him (it is never good when you hear silence) and this is what I found.

I woke him up two hours later. Not tired? You see how he still has a small yellow toy in his hand? I promise you he did not intend to fall asleep. So sweet!

Most of you know that I am going to a retreat this weekend. I am excited and will spend the day getting packed and ready. I am helping to host a shower on Sunday afternoon, in between church and Community Group Sunday night so I am trying to get a little organized for all that too. And to top it off, Andrew woke up last night with so much goop in his eye that he could not open it. I will try to get the drops for that and get him started on those. I hate to be leaving my husband with 3 kids, especially when one has pink eye. He is a great dad and I know he can handle it, but this is his first overnight duty with 3 kids (feel free to say a little prayer for Andrew's eye and Trace). What an awesome man he is that he has not complained or acted even slightly annoyed by the fact that I will be gone. You are a great dad and a fabulous husband! I love you!


the bryans said...

I have enjoyed so much reading your blog - looking forward to getting together with your family.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm love to yank down his pants and undies and enjoy his tight little arse

Anonymous said...

needs a c--k in his mouth too not his thumb, you take his arse i'll take his mouth and we can switch