Saturday, February 9, 2008

Moved with Compassion

Look what God is doing! I am so excited to follow the journey of a group of bloggers who are headed to Uganda with Compassion International. They will be blogging their experience as they get to see first hand the work that Compassion does and they get a taste of how great the need is. You absolutely have to read this amazing post by Shaun Groves, he is a singer/songwriter who is going on the trip. Pick a few of these bloggers and follow along with me.

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Hannah E. said...

Yes, these are great! I am a regular of Boomama's posts, and she too had linked to his blog. Such good stuff! Really challenging.

By the way, I am SO excited for y'all to go on your mission trip!!! When is it? I can't wait to hear all about it - the amazing things God shares with you...and also what it's like to do a trip like that with the whole family in tow. We've been trying to go on one of those trips since we moved here, but pregnancy keeps changing those plans. One day! But I have a desire to take the whole family, so I'm very interested in how that goes.

Also...I'm really excited about spending time with you, Ame, and Kate at the retreat!!! As long as no one brings any germs. =)