Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me and the Boy (the big one that is)

What a treat it was to get to go on Aidan's class field trip to Discovery Science Place. It was a wonderful reminder for me (as a mother of three) that my kids still need my undivided attention from time to time. That does not just mean me and the three of them, but also one on one time. I have not gotten much of that lately. So I was excited to get to go, but I really thought Aidan would spend most of his time with the kids in his class. That was not the case. He did play with his friends but he wanted me with him the entire time. So we played. He was the doctor and I was the patient, he was the optometrist and I got my vision checked, he was the banker and I was the customer, he was the tall order chef and I placed my order, and he was the checker at the store when I went shopping. I did not think about what the other kids were doing or the million things I need to do at home, I just played and I watched him. I watched how he takes everything in. He hangs on every word. I watched how he smiled and I was reminded of what a sweet gentle spirit he has. I watched him play with a friend and simply enjoy himself. Sometimes I get so focused on developing his character that I forget to just fully be with him and to enjoy him. He is such sweet little boy!

Mr. Banker can I please get some money?

Co-pilot Aidan

The Doctor's...I was in good hands with these two.

Look at that spread prepared by these two chefs!

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