Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and although my husband and I don't really celebrate it (we will be spending Valentine's Day at the gym doing a spin class...pretty romantic, huh?) I thought I would write about some things I LOVE.

Aidan, I love...
***that you enjoy playing games together as a family and will pass up almost anything for a good board game or Uno.
***that you have somehow convinced your mom and dad that it is ok to play a game of indoor soccer in our hallway (while Andrew is toted on my hip). I love the many high fives you give me while we beat your dad...we make a good team.
***the way your smile and your laugh light up our home. It is such a joy to watch you develop your own silly style.
***that you are such a good big brother to Rebecca and Andrew. It brings me such joy to watch my kids enjoy spending time together (that is of course, in between the arguing and tattling).
***that you are such a big thinker and you ask lots of questions about God.
*** that you love God and our family.

Rebecca, I love...
***your super sweet kissable cheeks.
***the many faces you make throughout a day.
***the way you laugh, it is contagious.
***the way you have put a little skip into your run.
***snuggle time with Becca and the way you tell me you love me so many times in a day.
***the way that you pat the pillow in your bed to let me know to come lay down during our bedtime routine and that you are eager to pray every night.
***the way you get your words mixed up ( i.e., the whole month of December you called reindeer kangaroo, and the fact that you really think Animal Planet is Pizza Planet no matter how many times we correct you).

Andrew, I love...
***Your beautiful blue eyes.
***Your big toothy grin, it just melts my heart.
***The way you smile and laugh at Aidan and Rebecca. I can already tell that you are so ready to join in the playtime with your siblings.
***The way you open and close your hands over and over when you are excited and want me to come get you.
***To smother you in kisses after your bath when you smell so stinkin good!
***The sweet sound of your voice when you say Ma Ma Ma Ma!
***Watching you change daily, you are growing so fast.

Trace, I love...
***the way you can make me laugh (I don't frequently admit it but you are one of the most amusing people I know).
***that you challenge me to think deeper about God and to love Him more.
***that you are my very best friend, what a privilege to share my life with my best friend.
***that you complain so little about the things that drive you crazy about me!
***that you pray for me and with me.
***that you love the Lord and seek to lead our family closer to Him.
***that you are willing to forgive me when I don't deserve to be forgiven.
***that I can trust you.
***that you are a good dad. I love watching you play with our children.
***that you love, support, and believe in me.

God, I love...
***that all of these things are gifts from your hand.
***that you love me despite the fact that I am not worthy of your love.
***that I can trust you, for you never change!
***that you pour out your mercy and grace upon this family.
***that you are in the business of redeeming lives for your glory and I am privileged enough to be redeemed by your love and goodness.
***that I know you, the only one that satisfies.
***that you would send your son to die on a cross so that I could taste eternal life.
***that you are at work right this moment in my life, in my family, and everywhere!
God you are so good, I will sing your praises! I will declare your goodness. I will shout it from the rooftops. FOR YOU ARE HOLY, YOU ARE LORD, YOU ARE WORTHY TO BE PRAISED. YOU ARE MIGHTY AND YOU ARE MY LORD! YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. THE ANGELS DECLARE OF YOUR GLORY. I LOVE YOU LORD!

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