Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prince Charming...Does he exist?

I had such a sweet time in the car this morning with my kids so I simply had to share. We were driving Aidan to school and dancing and singing to the radio. We had on the local Christian radio station on and they played this. If you listen to the words you will hear that Micheal W. Smith refers to God as the King of Kings and Prince of Peace. From out of nowhere, Rebecca starts talking about Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. I was struggling to understand why she is talking about princesses (although this is one of her favorite topics), but then it hit me. My sweet little two year old began trying to make sense of what she was hearing. She is familiar with the words King and Prince from her obsession with fairy tales.
Oh, how sweet our God is. One of my favorite things about having a little girl has been watching her fall in love with fairy tales and beautiful dresses. I have gotten to fall in love all over again with the idea of the fairy tale. I have come to believe that this is not a childhood fantasy, but it is the desire God has written on our hearts. He has definitely written it on my heart and I am watching him form this desire in my two year old girl’s heart. Don't we all want to be rescued from something? Isn't there a part of all of us who wants to be whisked away on the white horse with our Prince Charming? Can't we see that desire today...Valentine's Day, as women hope and wish for a man to be their Prince Charming? To make them feel like they are enough, to make them feel beautiful.
So I took the opportunity to discuss fairy tales, to let Rebecca know that they are not just a dream or fantasy. That they are real, that she really is that daughter of The King. She is a beautiful Princess and she has been given a savior to rescue her. He came and He died, and He will Come again! Please don't just skip past that link, please go and read what it says. He will come; He will ride up on a horse to wage war. He will fight for His glory and His honor. And in the end, every knee will bow and every tongue will give praise to God (Romans 14:11). He is my Prince, He will come to save! I will be whisked, I am being whisked away daily by the immeasurable love that the Father has lavished upon me. I beg of you to let yourself go, to fall into your Prince Charmings arms and let Him whisk you away.
Go listen to this song that has become one of my very favorites (insert -- the song I am referring to is measure of beauty, click on it if it does not come up from the beginning, sorry having a problem getting this to work). Just listen as Gods word is sung over you. All the lyrics of this song come straight from scripture. God loves you, oh how He loves you! The Bride is being prepared for the Bridegroom (Jesus). Don't miss the wedding; we will live happily ever after!

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Hannah E. said...

Oh, that's funny...I actually was not thinking about pregnancy cravings when I asked you about where we were going next! Honestly, I can find food I like anywhere. I'm good with whatever. No, i just asked because I wasn't sure if we were all taking turns picking a place. For some reason, that's what I thought, but I may have remembered that from a different group dinner thing I used to be a part of. We had a group in which we each had a month where we chose (and we went in alphabetical order by our names), that way we all knew ahead of time when it was our turn to pick and no one had to scramble the last week to get the word out to everyone. So, in my head, I thought that's what we were I wondered whose turn it was to pick for the week after next. But I guess we are just all deciding as a group every time? Or are you going to take requests and then just decide every time? I completely don't care at all what we do! I just missed that first one and was trying to find out the scoop. =)