Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The little girl and her shoes

Let me just tell you how excited little Rebecca was about her new black shoes. I bought them back in November to wear this winter with all her dresses and she loves them. She told everyone about her new black shoes for about 2 months. She would just get around a new person, get excited and and the next thing I knew she was talking about her new black shoes. It was really cute. You would think that her obsession with the perfect shoes would make shopping for her so much fun...but that is not the case, it is torture. She screams loudly, " no, they hurt" or "no, I don't want to try them on, I don't like them". It is a bit embarrassing to have your 2 year old act like that. Plus she has fat feet and they are hard to find shoes for. On top of that she has this problem when she walks and all of her shoes end up looking like this...

And, the beloved black shoes ( by the way, this happened the first full day she wore them)...

This is terribly disturbing to me, but for these reasons my daughter will not be allowed to be a shoe person, because I simply won't buy them. These are the 3 pairs she has and she wears one of them everyday, no matter how torn up they may be. I hate that her shoes look so bad, but then I see things like this and I know this is a very American kind of problem to have. I can be thankful for scraped up shoes.

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