Friday, February 29, 2008


I went to the women's retreat and when I got home I walked around the corner and found my sweet Andrew crawling on all fours (I know he isn't a dog, but is there a better way to say that?). He has been scooting or army crawling (as a friend of mine used to say about her son) for a while, but to really be crawling... this was new. He has been practicing all week and he is getting pretty good. I have loved just sitting on the floor and letting him crawl to me. It is the first step in my sweet baby boy coming to mommy and I LOVE IT! So after all the excitement around here I came into his room to get him up this morning and look what I found.

I cannot believe it. He is my baby. It is bittersweet I tell you...bittersweet people! I guess this weekend we will be lowering the crib mattress

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