Friday, September 19, 2008

What happened to the Baby?

Andrew is growing and changing like crazy! It is wild how much he has changed in the last couple of weeks even. Today we went to the park for our weekly play group and he proved just how big he is. He was all over the play ground equipment, climbing and sliding, and even falling once or twice (but no big falls so no need to worry). I could not believe him. I was definitely a little more anxious today and on my feet most of the morning while I followed behind him. He LOVED every minute of it. Here is are a few pictures of him and Becca on the swings today and then a few of him outside running wild in the neighborhood.

We are fortunate to live on a cold-de-sac and this boy has watched his brother and sister ride bikes on the street for months now. He does not get why he cannot run right behind them into the street. I am having a hard time communicating to this 16 month old mind that Aidan is older and he has a healthy fear of cars and moving vehicles UNLIKE this guy. Andrew has recently started getting into EVERYTHING. I fold a load of laundry and he throws it all over the house before I can get it put away. Just yesterday he pulled out my lemon squeezer/juicer and threw it down to get to watch it shatter. And yes I do realize I used the word threw, not dropped. He throws everything. He is so stinking cute though that I just can't stay upset for long. The main challenge we are facing is corralling his can he throw a fit. I said today while I was helping Aidan get ready "Man, who taught him how to scream like that". Aidan responded in all seriousness by simply saying "Becca". I don't know if that is where he learned it, but he is sure good at it. Oh Andrew, you may just be the death of me but I am loving every minute of it. You have such a contagious personality and if we can just get the anger under control.

On a completely unrelated note Aidan had favorite T-shirt day in honor of the letter of the week which is T. I asked Aidan to pick out whatever T-shirt he wanted to wear and this is what he chose.

It made me smile. If you have no clue what I am talking about you can find out here.

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