Friday, September 19, 2008

A Lesson in Trust

The kids and I have been reading about the life of Moses in our daily bible reading time. I am studying that at BSF and that is what Rebecca is learning in class so I decided we should all read it together so that I know Aidan is also learning what we are learning. We were reading part of chapter 2 in the book of Exodus. I am sure you know the story. It is about baby Moses. We had already learned in chapter one that Pharoah had made a decree that all male Hebrew babies were to be put to death in the Nile River. We then learn about a mom who becomes pregnant and decides to hide her baby for 3 months until she can no longer hide him. She then makes a plan to take her baby and put him in a basket and send him floating down the river. As I read it hit me that we have a baby basket up in Becca's closet and visual aides are always good teaching tools for kids so I said hold on and ran to get the basket. I came back and used the basket and one of Becca's baby dolls to demonstrate putting Moses in the basket and sending him on his way.

Well, this time the special effects were not for the kids, but for me. It brought the story to life for me and I teared up as I told the story and I was awed by the faith and courage that this woman displayed. Even beyond that, I have found myself completely taken aback by the soveriegnty and provision of the Lord. This was a terrible thing...many babies had been ordered to be put to death. But the Lord is going to redeem his people and he will use this baby to bring them out of slavery. He is going to prepare a leader by raising him in all the knowledge of the Egyptians, giving him a heart for his kinsmen, and giving him a mighty task for the Lords glory. He is going to act and he is going to use even this bad for His glory and His plan. And what does He ask of us? He asks us to obey and to trust Him. Just like Moses' mom we are asked to do what is in front of us to do and to trust in the Lord Almighty to take care of the details.

As I acted as if I was releasing this toy baby doll it hit me that God wants me to trust him like that also. The fact is the Lord has a plan already set in motion for all of my children. He has a plan to grow them and form them into the people He desires them to be so that He can use them for His glory. That will include many different events and circumstances. Some will be good and proud moments, some will be hard and painful moments, but He can use them all for His glory. It is not my job to stop all evil and negative things from coming to my children (although I will try to prevent as much as I possibly can) but it is my job to trust in the Lord that no matter what may come, He has a plan and He is in control. This was a moment of brokeness for me. A moment of stretching my faith even more.

Aidan watched as I teared up and asked me why I was crying. All I could say is don't you see how hard this is? Sometimes God leads us down a road that is hard and scary, but it is all for His glory. It is for his plan. His plan for Moses was not thwarted by this evil decree. God used it to prepare him for what was to come. And I told Aidan that God has a purpose for you and I told Rebecca the same thing. God has a purpose and He will use even the bad things in our life to bring that about, but He will bring it about. There is such comfort in that.

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Hannah E. said...

That's so good.
I love when you think you're teaching your kid something, and while you're in the midst of it, it becomes apparent that God intends it more for YOU than them! That happens a lot with me....guess I learn best on a three-year old level. But it's so sweet when the Lord does that.
Thanks for sharing. What a great example you set for teaching the Word in your home.