Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

We celebrated Trace's birthday about a week ago and following my recent habit of bloggy laziness I didn't post it. We celebrated at home by having some of daddies favorite things. We grilled steaks, ate outside, and the kids and I made a carrot cake for desert, which is his favorite. Becca and Aidan proudly presented daddy with his special card that played the Star Wars theme song and then quickly took it back to play with it. It was a great evening together with the family celebrating our favorite daddy around! Thank you Trace for all your do for this family. You work hard to keep us organized and grounded because we all know I am not the best at that. You are my best friend and I truly thank the Lord for you and the opportunity to live this life as your partner. We love you!
This cake has every candle on it in the house that we could find and we still fell short at 31 and that is counting the 5 as 5 candles. Oh well, I think you get the point that this is a lot of candles.

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Hannah E. said...

I feel like it was forever ago that you and Ame and Kate came over...I've missed seeing you. We need to hang out! What are you doing next week?