Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update and Random Thoughts

Today was a much needed day of refuge at home. I have done very little today. I folded laundry, read to Rebecca and Andrew, found quick solutions for meals (meaning little time in the kitchen), and I took a good long nap this afternoon while the little ones slept. It was much needed! Things have been busy. I even told Aidan when I picked him up that today was going to be an indoor day. No friends or extra kids...just time as a family. I LOVED today and although I still have a long list of to dos I needed to just relax and rest.

So what is it that has kept us so busy? Well part of it is trying to complete some projects around the house. I made one update to our living room curtains, hung some in the breakfast nook, and still need to figure out what to do with the windows above my kitchen sink. I have also started a huge project of scrubbing the dirty grout in my kitchen and then I plan to seal it so it doesn't get so dirty again. I just don't get it...I mean white tile and grout in a KITCHEN??? Oh, well. We will make the most of it.

We have also been super busy with life. Trace is staying busy with work and the addition of his online seminary class. He is really enjoying it so far, but it definitely takes time. I started BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this week, which was like a breath of fresh air. It will be so good this year, my leader is great and my group is relatively young. We are studying the life of Moses and I am so eager to study these books of the Bible. It is such good thorough teaching. I am also the nursery coordinator for BSF this year. It really does not mean much, but I am in charge of finding workers, collecting payments, and paying the workers. After this very first week I realized that the Lord something to teach me here. I did not really want this position, but since no one else was offering to do it and I knew I needed it I said I would. My appreciation for nursery workers has already increased exponentially! They work hard and it is such a thankless job. I hope that I NEVER take these ladies for granted again! I know the Lord will use the position that He placed me in this year to teach me and change me.

I also met with my Moms in Touch group for the first time last Friday and I really believe that Fridays are going to be my favorite morning of the week by far. Moms in Touch is a national ministry for moms to pray for their children and their child's school. That means we pray for the teachers administrators, school needs, and our kids. I left last week feeling fully energized and I can't wait for tomorrow. The Lord was so faithful in bringing this group together. When I first started praying about being a part of this and starting a group I was simply hoping to have one other lady join me. The Lord has brought 4 women who are dedicated to praying for their kids. I was concerned about child care while we prayed and where we should meet. The Lord answered both of those prayers with minimal effort on my part! He is SO GOOD! I know that this group was truly brought together from the hands of the Lord and I am looking forward to seeing how He uses it throughout the year.

And my Aidan has been busy with school and will start soccer this week. His first game will be next Saturday. He is excited about this. School has gone well. We have had a few minor bumps in the road, but we are working through those. He is already growing and changing. He has learned so much and seems eager to learn more. He has one little friend that he talks about regularly and I can't wait to meet him. I plan to attempt to be in the classroom about twice a month to help so I will get to know the kids and see what the feel of his room is. I know that this new stage of releasing him a little bit into the world and praying hard for him will require me to experience some heartbreak, disappointment, but so much joy. I have enjoyed seeing him grow and mature in these past weeks. There are many days that I miss him terribly and can't wait until 3:00. I just am so used to him being with me, it is a change for all of us. He has really made me proud over the past few months. I have seen little things that he has done right even when I am not with him. I am thankful to see the fruits of some of the training we have done, now that he has more freedom and I would likely never know. I truly am proud of you my Aidan! You have such a sweet spirit about you. It has been my privilege to watch you these past few weeks.

Today is such a huge day in the recent history of our country. Trace and I had only been married for about 6 months on 9/11. He was finishing school and we were living in a small apartment in Lubbock. It was the pre-child days and I was still asleep when he turned on the TV to see the first plane hit. He woke me up and turned on the TV in the bedroom. I watched, shocked and horrified as they replayed the first strike and then came the second. That day shook our security. It produced fear and anger. I have thought of this often today. It was such an unthinkable offense. I think about that, I think about IKE that is approaching the Texas border. I think about the terror that floods this country and the world and the only response I have is to pray. I thank the Lord that He is sovereign and He is good. I thank the Lord that my security can be found only in Him. I am praying for those who are remembering personal loss on this anniversary of 9/11. I am praying for those who are packing up and leaving their homes today because of Ike and the only thing that I know to pray is Lord, use even this for your glory. It is all for your glory. I have prayed that Ike makes a turn and decrease in intensity, but I trust that whatever happens the Lord will bring glory to His name through it (no matter how hard that is to understand).

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