Monday, March 10, 2008

A Whole New World

It is official. We have moved into a new stage of life...I am a soccer mom. We had so much fun yesterday at Aidan's very first soccer practice. It was so cute to watch them practice things like dribbling the ball and doing throw ins. The coach was really good ( which translates to extremely patient). He had 3 rules: 1. You have to smile to be let on the field 2. You must have fun and 3. You say yes sir and no sir when you talk to your coach. I think those are pretty good guidelines. He even said that he wants to pray with the boys before and after the game, just to instill that value into the kids. This is city soccer so I find that pretty impressive. Here is a picture of my little man at practice.

Needless to say we are pretty happy with our first impression and we are looking forward to many many laughs to come.

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Hannah E. said...

So fun! You'll have to let me know when he plays and I can bring Jonah to one of his games. It will be one more reason for him to idolize Aidan!