Monday, March 24, 2008

Mexico Monday

There has been constant banging and thumping over my head today. I even thought at one point that the roof may fall through. We are getting our roof replaced and since I did not know they were coming today, I did not make plans to be out of the house. To my amazement both Rebecca and Andrew have been able to successfully take a nap. So other than me loosing all sanity (not that there was much left to loose) I think we are going to survive just fine.

I am not sure how coherent my thoughts are going to come out amidst all the noise but, today is Monday and you know that means I will be asking for your prayer for the mission trip that our family is taking to Metamoros, Mexico in June. The housing is community living and all the girls will be in one room and the boys on another. That means that Myself, Rebecca, and Andrew will be on one side and Aidan and Trace will be on the other side. I am not at all sure how bedtimes and nap times are going to work, but I do know that we are going to need an extra dose of patience and lots of flexibility. Please pray for our family that the kids will be resilient and will tolerate life with little to no schedules. Also please pray that we will be able to get the kids down for naps as often as possible so that they will tolerate the trip well. I have a feeling sleep is going to be one of the biggest stressors that we encounter as a family. Thanks for your faithfulness to pray for our family. It is a HUGE gift.


Kate said...

I can relate to the loud thumping on your roof! Our roof was replaced last week, and I thought I might go crazy. Amazingly, both of my kids took a two hour nap!

Shannon said...

You are right on target ... sleep for yourself and the kiddos is the most challenging portion of the trip. I'm adding your kiddos to my list for prayer on sleeping. Last year I prayed diligently Kate could handle the sleep (or lack of it)and God answered in a way I would never have guessed. We decided at the last minute to leave Kate in her rear-facing car seat carrier instead of installing her brand new forward facing seat we had purchased for the trip. The carrier ended up being her napping spot every morning and afternoon during the trip ... before this she had never, I repeat never, been put to sleep by being rocked in a carrier ... It was perfect for the week, though. My faith was strengthened through the little trials on the trip and I learned a little more every day what a step of faith looked like. Thanks for lifting this trip up ... looking forward to it. I may "steal" your idea and have a mexico day on my blog, too!!