Monday, March 17, 2008

Mexico Monday

OK guys, I prepped you last week so now I am going to ask you to start praying. From June 6-13 my entire family (yes, the baby, the 2 year old, and the 5 year old...see we do need your prayers) will be on a mission trip in Metamoros Mexico. We are so extremely excited that the Lord has provided this opportunity for our family.

This week will you please pray about the curriculum that our team is creating (not that I am doing much more than praying also at this point, but I still am on the team). We have decided to use movie clips from The Lord of the Rings to provide a visual and then we will expand with biblical truths. Please pray that we will be led to things that will easily make sense to the kids that will be at VBS and that they will understand what we are hoping to teach them. That the message of Jesus Christ will easily transcend through the translators and the different culture.

Also, would you please pray for our family. One main prayer we have is that our eyes will be opened to the many ways the Lord is going to provide so that we can be fully able to praise Him. We pray that we are aware of Him on the trip and that our hearts respond by drawing close to Him, giving Him praise, and giving Him glory. We pray that Trace and I see this, but that Aidan and Rebecca will also get to see Him answer prayers and they will respond with grateful hearts. Thanks for taking time to lift this up before the Lord.


Kate said...

I would love the opportunity to pray specifically for your mission trip. I will look forward to reading Mexico Monday each week!

Shannon said...

We are so excited your family will be going to Mexico. It was a life changing week for my family ... deepened our faith and increased our love for the Lord. Plus, it is just a good, fun time with your family ... no cell phones, tv, bills, etc. excited about you guys going!!!
The Glenneys