Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

It is hard for me to let today pass by without wishing you a Happy Easter. I was able to sneak away early this morning before the kiddos woke up to spend a few moments reading and reflecting on today...On the resurrection. I know that the suffering had to come in order for Christ to rise and conquer death, but this is such a beautiful and HUGE part of the story and for many years I simply missed it. I did not literally miss it, but I overlooked it. I did not realize the implications of a life free from death. I did not realize the implications that came with the Holy Spirit. I did not realize that the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is what has been offered to me, in me. That Spirit lives in me...what would happen if it was given full reign and TOTALLY able to unleash? I want to see Christ's is available. It is available because of the victory that Jesus has already claimed! He is RISEN!

Here are a few pictures from Easter today

And this is what a typical picture of all three of my kids looks like.

We got busy and did not get to dye Easter eggs yesterday, so we squeezed it in today and did a late evening Easter egg hunt. I have a homemade version of the resurrection eggs so I hid those with the others and then we sat at the table during dinner and looked at the eggs and told the story of Christ's death and resurrection. The kids are truly interested in these moments when we stop and share with them our faith. I pray that they continue to have teachable spirits and that we respond by teaching and pouring into their hearts. It is so cute to hear their sweet voices talk about Jesus. I hope your family had a wonderful Easter Celebration.

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Amber said...

Gorgeous babies! Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to know that someone relates.

I like the new look. It's new, right?