Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Invasion of the Giants

Lunch today was full of exciting conversation with the kids. First, we sang a few songs to practice for this Sunday when both Rebecca and Aidan will sing before the church. I am most excited, especially since this is Rebecca's first time to sing before the congregation. I got many corrections from my two year old for singing to fast or not doing the hand motions (that I don't really know and I am not 100% sure she knows them either, but she did try to teach me). It was cute and then somehow the conversation changed.

Out of no where we were talking about the giants who were going to invade our home, oh and there were bad guys too (because evidently these are not he same thing...but they are supposed to both produce fear from what I could gather). You would guess that my Aidan came up with this, but you would be was all from the mind of Rebecca. After lunch was over Rebecca and Aidan snuck off tip toes and all to find the giant. They discovered him sleeping in Aidan's room. They had to "shhh, shhh, be very quiet" as they snuck past him and acquired light sabers and some other toy weapons. After I cleaned the kitchen, I joined them in the hall to hide and occasionally fight the dangerous invaders. We hid under blankets until someone felt the urge to get sneaky and take on the enemy. Rebecca would try to sneak by the bad guys to get her favorite blanket or some other item that she needed and she would look at me and say I need your help, but shh, be very quiet. Aidan would run off to defend us a Rebecca would whisper "be cawful Aidan". It was a really cute game and I loved watching the creativity come out. I snuck into my bedroom fending off the 10Darth Vader's to grab my camera and snap a few pictures.

Our Mighty Defender

Mrs. Bossy Giving Directions

The Boys Hiding

And who does not need some pretend ice cream to eat when they are hiding from the Giant?

It was a fun morning of make believe, but we soon learned it was not all pretend. Our home had really been invaded by some type of monster. First we found the organizational giants mess. In a moment of insanity every piece of the kids possibly too small clothing in this house was pulled out to be gone through and tried on, resulting in something that looked like this

We also had a run in with the laundry giant. Here is the clean

and this is the dirty

Maybe one day this week the house will be put together again (Loud Sigh).


Hannah E. said...

I'm so glad to know it's the giant's fault. There is much mess at our house to credit them with as well!

Love that ice cream shot of Rebecca....she can soooo marry Jonah if she wants!

Amber said...

Great blog. It's funny that I considered this same blog title.

Thank you for commenting on my post. Let's visit each other often.

I should take a picture of my laundry today. It would make you feel so much better about your monster.