Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mexico Monday (on Wednesday)

I just got an email about the Mexico Mission trip that our family is planning to go on in June. I will be doing VBS and Trace is still trying to figure out exactly what his role will be. He is wanting to go out and do some work with the medical team and to be out and about in the community, but he is also thinking about staying back to work with the kids at VBS.

I had requested to work with the younger kids (3-7) simply because I am most comfortable in this age group since this is the age of my kiddos. I just got the group assignments and this is where I will be. I am so excited, but every time I get excited I also get a bit anxious. I will be leading a group of Spanish speaking children through a time of discussion and response to a movie clip. Did you hear that right? They are Spanish will require a translator. I have never needed a translator in my entire life. I am not sure how this will work and I am not sure how to work within attention spans of a group of kids who need a translator. Every time I even think about this trip I feel the need to pray. I am so thankful for that. Only the Lord can piece this trip together to make it effective. My heart is that these kids feel loved while we are there and that they will not feel human love but that they will experience the divine love of the Heavenly Father. These kids are orphans. They do not have their earthly parents but their Heavenly Father loves them beyond any kind of parental love that we can experience. I am praying that they know how deep and how wide the love of the Father is and that this will become more clear to these children.

I do want to ask you for prayer. I am thinking about doing a weekly blog post to ask for prayer for the trip. I am thinking Mexico Monday. So every Monday I will present a new prayer request for either our family, the other families on the trip, the kids at the orphanage, or the preparation and planning for the trip. I know that today is not Monday, but since I just thought up this idea I will ask for prayer today. I will update it with a new request on Monday.

So for today and the next few days would you pray that the hearts of the children at the orphanage be prepared to hear the message that the Lord has for them and for those of us working on curriculum will you pray that the Lord guides us so that He can teach the message He wants the kids to hear. Pray that we hear from Him and we eagerly follow where He is leading.

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