Monday, November 3, 2008

This Election

Election Day is tomorrow. I am actually ready for this to all be over, but this year I have realized that there seems to be a sense of panic about who will win the election. People on both sides seem to be living in fear. I have even heard that certain cities are preparing for rioting just in case Barack Obama does not win. It really is madness.

I participated in early voting. I have a voice in this election and now I am done. The results are out of my hand and I am at peace. I know that the reason I am at peace is because my hope is in Christ, NOT America and NOT in our President. So whether Obama wins or McCain wins, my hope will remain in Christ. I ran across this article by John Piper that I thought would be good to pass along for all to read. I know that I enjoyed it and agree mightily with what he has to say.

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