Thursday, November 13, 2008

An unexpectd answer to prayer

***Updated to add - This has been postponed due to an unplanned conflict. Maybe it will happen next week. Please pray for God's perfect timing.

I was working on the computer this afternoon trying to take care of a few things before getting Aidan and the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number but I picked it up anyways and was shocked to hear the man introduce himself as a member of the CBS local news team. He asked for me, of course I thought he had the wrong number or something, but then he started talking about the Moms in Touch prayer group that started out here this year. I realized he had the right person so I listened to him ask if I would be willing to do an interview. Knowing that I have specifically prayed for direction in how to advertise MIT so that other moms will hear about the ministry, I felt like I had no choice but to say yes. I mean how do you ask the Lord something in prayer and then say no when he answers so obviously? I guess I could justify saying no because He answered in a way I would have never imagined and one that I am not all that excited about being a part of, but I know that would be disobedient and so I said yes. I am very nervous about this. I am worried that I won't speak clearly and that I won't look very intelligent, but those things are truly more about me than the Lord. I know that He has ordained this and that He will provide all I need. Please pray for me. Pray that I will boldly proclaim His goodness if I get the opportunity and that the Lord will be glorified.

I was told that they will be here about 7:30 am. so they can get some extra footage of us getting ready. Please pray for a peaceful home and children! You all know how mornings can go and we need tomorrow to not be one of "those" days. Our group meets at 8:15 in the morning so they will follow us there to get some more footage and somewhere during this time they will interview me and possibly the other moms. As long as all goes as planned they said it would be on the 6:00 news on CBS 19 and then it would be on the website for a while. Please also pray that other moms see this and that the Lord stirs in their heart a desire to be a part of this ministry.

If you have kids in school I cannot encourage you enough to be a part of one of these groups. Prayer is such a gift and this is such a well developed ministry with very wise leaders and wonderful materials to help you start or join another group. GO read more about it. Friday mornings truly are my favorite mornings of the week since beginning this group.


AnnaJ said...

HOW WONDERFUL AND EXCITING!! I LOVE how God answer prayers... when He is doing something there is NO telling how He'll do it :O) I hope you had fun :O)

sondra german said...

yeah i'm pretty sure you HAVE to do it. ;) i'm sure you'll speak clearly enough that people hear the message... but i'll pray that you fumble enough that everyone sees this group is for everyone, not just for those that have it "all-together". haha :)

Hannah E. said...

I will pray! Hopefully next week is the right time.