Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Skunks, Knights, Princesses, and a girl hero plus a few animals to boot

Our Halloween Festivities were full this year. First, I was in charge of snack for Aidan's class on Halloween. I decided to make these super cute spider cookies. I used licorice to be the legs and jelly beans cut in half as eyes.

I also sent these popcorn hands to school. They were more time consuming than I expected but they were cute.

Then that night we had a little get together with friends. Not sure you can tell but we have peanut butter balls as spiders and witches hats.
The kids also ate mummy dogs for dinner and parents had chili dogs.

and I made this pumpkin shaped Pumpkin cake for desert.

We played a mummy relay game that I thought was cute

and then headed out to trick or treat.

Here is super girl pulling her friends along.

My little Stinker - Andrew the skunk
Super Girl
And the Heroic Knight

Hope you had fun as well!

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Kate said...

I LOVED all your creative snacks. Too cute.