Monday, November 10, 2008

Bambi Run

My sweet friend Maureen decided that she has a goal to run a marathon in the next year. She started training and already has completed a half marathon. She is a very disciplined friend. She has been a huge encouragement for me to start running again. It is my favorite form of exercise, but having children can put a damper on that. So Maureen found out about a 5k in Tyler at Faulkner Park and invited a bunch of us to join her in the race. It was a lot of fun! It is always better to have others join you in your misery (I meant fun, did I say misery). Here is a picture of some of us before the race.

Me, Jennifer, Andrea, Maureen, and Kristen (wow, do I look short in this picture or what)

It was a very small race, but being in a small race has its advantages! Several of us got a medal. Andrea got a small trophy for getting 3rd overall out of all the women. Maureen came in right behind Andrea and was the winner in her age division and I followed behind them (by about a minute) but I managed to get second in my age group. It was fun to show Aidan that mommy got a medal after he finished his soccer game. He thought it was pretty neat and I found it to be quite humorous...I sure was not expecting that. So I guess the Azalea 10k is next in the Spring. Would anyone else like to join us?


Courtney said...

GO CHRISTA! That is awesome!

Meaghan said...

i'd looove to run with you guys! looks like so much fun!

sondra german said...

very proud of you! now where are the pics from after the race?? ;)