Friday, October 31, 2008


We got booed! This was a new thing for our family. I heard about it last year from a friend, but had never participated. Basically, booing is when someone brings a treat to your door, rings the doorbell and disappears. They leave instructions to pass along the fun to 2 other neighbors.

So we opened the door and found this:

Eventually we made these

and set out to boo someone else. What a thrill to run and sneak with the kids trying not to get caught. The first house we tried caught us even before we got out of the car when the dad came out of the garage suddenly and we were attempting to sneak up to the door. It was fun and we had many laughs. It is just fun to try to be sneaky with little ones.
Hope you all have a very happy Halloween! Enjoy yourself and your kiddos! I will post pictures soon.

****I wrote this the other day with every intention of posting it this morning (I am not a technologically savvy blogger so I don't know how to schedule posts). I obviously forgot so I am posting it now at the end of Halloween. We had a little Halloween party here, I will post pictures soon.

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sondra german said...

VERY cute... i'll have to remember this for next year! hope you had a wonderful birthday too! :)