Monday, October 6, 2008

The Tooth Saga

My 5 year-old is a little (or more accurately A LOT) on the dramatic side. He has had a loose tooth for several weeks and we kept encouraging him to wiggle it and get it out. It was not coming at least not the way he worked at it. We told him several times he needed to get it out or we were going to take it. He obviously didn't really believe us and it remained attached in his mouth. Last night I decided it was time to get it out. We spent at least 30 minutes trying to get tie floss around it and get it out, but he was tearful and afraid and he kept pushing the string off with his tongue "on accident". Finally we gave up. He is so good at this dramatic roll that within minutes of being awake this morning he was crying because his tooth hurt. I just kept telling him that when he gets it out it will never hurt again. Well, I sent him off to school tooth in mouth and when I picked him up he did this

to proudly show me that his tooth was no more. I assumed he pulled it out at school, but no that was his teacher. She told him to come with her, grabbed a paper towel and pulled. I asked him what he did and if he cried. He said "I almost said ouch". Seriously? We had tears, tongues, and protest to deal with and she almost got ouch. I guess we know who will be pulling his teeth from now on. Now I just wonder what other parenting responsibilities we pass off onto her...

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sondra german said...

how funny! oh the things i get to look forward to!