Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After School Fun

Last week one day after school we headed to the Children's Park to climb, run, and splash. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. It was great to carve out some time to just be together and enjoy each other. I took my camera and here are some of my favorites.

Last week Aidan got his first report card. That means he has been in school for 6 weeks. That is wild. I imagined that 6 weeks in we would be pretty adjusted to school but I have to admit I am missing that boy terribly! I have really come to treasure my time with all three of the kids. It just isn't enough of it. I think I miss him more now than I did at the beginning of school. I will adjust I suppose, but I am a little sad about this new stage of our life. I know there is so much fun to be had and so much to learn about who he will become and I eagerly await those things, but this loss of time with him is just hard on me. We had a great time at the park and will try to make a habit out of these short after school trips all together.

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Hannah E. said...

I really like Becca's outfit. Cute!