Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little bit of humble pie

I was that mom today. Admit have all looked at some mother and instead of being sympathetic towards her you make some kind of snide remark about how if your child ever acted like that I would...(you finish the sentence). What is with that judgemental attitude anyways? I know I have had it before, but I pray that today's experience will help keep me humble.

So now that I have shared that, I assume you know that I expect no medal for my parenting skills that I showed today. Let me tell you how it went. We went to chick-fil-a after BSF because I needed to run an errand and I knew that the kids would not tolerate running errands on an empty stomach. Little did I know that they were not going to tolerate Chick-fil-a well either. I ordered our food, got to the table, tore the chicken into pieces and distributed ketchup and drinks. Finally, I was sitting down to eat and Andrew got upset because he wanted to drink my drink (which was tea and I don't give my babies caffeine right before nap time). I said no here is your cup. He took it and angrily threw down on the ground. Oh joy. But it did not stop there...he started running his hand back and forth where his food was and chicken went flying everywhere. I did reprimand him for both of these, but evidently that did not matter because he kept at it. While all the fun is happening with Andrew, Rebecca goes to play for a few minutes before we leave. After a little bit she comes out to ask for ice cream. I told her no because we need to leave, because we have errands to run. To this my sweet three year-old began yelling NO NO NO NO NO (You get the point) while she runs for play land. I told her to come on, fought with her to get shoes on, and began gathering our things. At this point Andrew gets upset because of who knows what and he literally began slapping me in the face multiple times. My warnings for him to stop where ignored and it seemed to turn into a game for him. Rebecca is still being extremely rude with arms crossed and tons of attitude and my one year old won't stop hitting me in the face. Plenty of drama to turn many eyes our way. Wow! Any parenting dignity I had went out the window. Just when I start to think parenting is getting easier for a second something like this happens and I am totally humbled once again.

Just in case any of you are having a bad day...maybe this glimpse into our world will help. I know I keep telling myself that everybody has bad days...if it isn't rue don't tell me, I need to believe that right now. To the joys of motherhood!


Kate said...

I have SO been there! Back in July, I found myself being THAT mom that was chasing her 3 year-old up and down the aisles of Albertsons until I finally caught up with him! I can relate to feeling quite humbled!

brianna saban said...
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brianna saban said...

my kids would NEVER act like that.
you're all alone on this one christa.

(my soul was removed to make room for all this sarcasm:)


Hannah E. said...

OF COURSE others experience it! Um, I am so "that mom" and I really have felt that way many times in a public place. By the way, if you're really "that mom," you'll probably act all surprised and say to the spectators things like, "I don't know why he's doing this...she never acts this way at home!" And you know everyone is thinking, "Riiiiight...this is the first time your child has been ugly ever. Sure!"